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To deepen your stay in our city, the Suites Marilia strongly recommends a visit to the City Museum, located in the center of Livorno just 10 minutes by car from our structure.

The City Museum was inaugurated in April 2018, an extensive exhibition that, through works of art, photographs, memorabilia and archaeological finds selected from the city collections, tells the historical and cultural evolution of Livorno, from its origins to current era. A museum in the museum, we could define its location, because the new exhibition itinerary finds space in the ancient Bottini dell'Olio building in the heart of the La Venezia district; a large oil deposit of the 18th century commissioned by Cosimo III with large rooms and cross vaults, once used for oil conservation. It is here that through objects, images, installations and multimedia supports we can retrace the history of Livorno, in a suggestive "journey" over time to recover its ancient memory. The new Museum of the City - which also includes a selection of contemporary works of art, located in the baroque interiors of the deconsecrated church in Piazza del Luogo Pio, next to the Oil Bottini and with these connected - completes the Bottini Cultural Center Oil which in December 2017 saw the inauguration of the Municipal Library, set up on the first floor of the complex.

The Museum of Town Collections, on the ground floor of the complex of the Bottini dell'Olio, contains a selection of works of art, photographs and memorabilia that are part of the Livorno city collections. Through objects, images, multimedia supports, the urbanistic, social, religious, cultural, artistic, custom history of the city from its beginnings to the present age is told. The first civic collection dates back to 1877 when the Municipality of Livorno established a Pinacoteca Civica that included paintings (artists such as Fattori, Pollastrini, Bartolena), sculptures and a fragmentary collection of archaeological finds made by donations from wealthy fellow citizens. The fine Palazzo Granducale is chosen as the initial site. In 1896, in the new location in Piazza Guerrazzi, the collection was enriched with a collection of archeology and numismatics donated by Enrico Chiellini; in 1908, when the Livornese painter Giovanni Fattori died, his rich graphic collection was purchased; subsequently in the course of the twentieth century the heritage gradually increased with works by post-Macchiaioli artists. In the Thirties the Museum will be named after Giovanni Fattori. In the post-war period the total patrimony is actually increased, despite the serious losses, thanks to the generosity of some families. In this way a new office is set up in Villa Fabbricotti, on the floor above the civic library. Since 1994 the Museum has moved to Villa Mimbelli: here is still exposed the rich collection of works of Macchiaioli and post-Macchiaioli artists.

For further infos and prices visit their bew site: Museo della Città

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